The Good  Market 


The Youth Empowerment Project (YEP) has partnered with ASSERT to organise a pop up market platform to showcase and provide a point of sale for locally sourced products called the Good Market.

Calling all businesses


We are inviting young Gambian Entrepreneurs to register  their applications to take part in this exciting venture which is starting in October 2018. 

Deadline for applications is 15th September,2018 midnight.

Full list of participants will be announced on the 16th September

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Gambia's Good Market invite
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In 2015, the Association of Small Scale Enterprises in Responsible Tourism (ASSERT) formerly ASSET developed the Good Market concept/brand to achieve its objective of helping small and medium sized businesses in tourism and related activities to succeed. As it has a varied membership base with some specialising in local produce and products,  ASSERT sees this as a vehicle to expose local products giving members exposure to the tourist and local markets.  In doing so, this should assist members enhancing products quality and generate greater revenue leading to sustainability. 

Our initiative aims to promote and give a platform for locally made produce and products in The Gambia.  We willl increase the visibility, the quality and sale of locally sourced produce and products such as natural health and beauty,  arts and crafts,  fashion and accessories and agro products. ..

The Good Market will showcase and market high quality locally sourced produce and products to the tourist,  expatriates and local communities in The Gambia thereby improving the standard in quality,  packaging and labelling.  

It shall be held the first Saturday of every month starting in October 2018.

As part of the Good Market,  there will be Specialty Good Markets. These markets will give consideration to being held in venues outside of the Tourism Development Area (TDA) targeting  the  local population and promoting a more diverse product range.  This shall also give greater opportunity to a wider vendor base.