The ASSERT Assessment.

Whether your a new start up or have had a major operational change.You may be looking to evaluate your current sustainability efforts and a baseline assessment is a crucial first step. It enables measurement of operational performance and  therefore allows comparisons  to your competitors.

We look at similar businesses and compare your strategy with theirs.

Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

We analyse your strengths and weaknesses to identify new opportunities and potential threats.

A life without plastic.

ASSERT has teamed up with Travel Without Plastic and fully endorse their vision of a plastic free tourism product. To this end we look at your business. This helps you  become more sustainable, responsible and saves you money too. Our team is working to find suppliers of non plastic and biodegradable products so we can help you with not just the how and when but also the  where. ? 

Where are you now and where do you want to be?

Looking at the present situation and also the future to prepare your own roadmap for success is a good idea for any business !

Employee assessment

This is often a painful area for some employees, however, an unhappy staff member can prevent the success of your business. By identifying any area’s of concern we can solve this problem. An example of this may be as simple as a staff member thinking they are poorly paid when in fact the opposite may be true. In any case its important you know.

Sustainability and Responsibility = Profitability

Sustainability and Responsibility need to be part of who you are in order to be fully realised.

Our advisors tailor sustainability policies that form part of your everyday operations and everything you do.

Take a few moments to ask yourself these 3 questions

What does sustainability mean to your business ?

Why is it important for you and your business ?

How will you meet those goals in the future ?

The way forward

Good ideas are only realised if they are actioned. Let us help you plan and implement for the future. Make sustainability and responsibility part of your future.

  • We will help you to create an action plan complete with timeline
  • And examine your current situation and make recommendations to ensure sustainability becomes part of your business plan
  • Then work with you to set achievable goals that everyone in your company can understand.